SoulCalibur VI Tech Roundup — Zasalamel Basics Guide, Final Showdown’s Kilik Combos, and more!

SoulCalibur VI marches on! The combo potential and ease-of-play has kept content streaming in to the SRK tipline, so here’s the latest work from the community:

Let’s start out with a primer for Zasalamel, who returns to SC with a wildly new and unique toolkit. This primer was made by the heads of the Zas Discord, so you know it’s good!

It’s easy to be overwhelmed when learning Voldo for the first time. Here’s some basic combos to help you crawl your way towards mastery:

Groh is everything a new, entry level character should be: versatile, complete, and exciting to watch.

People aren’t used to fighting a good version of Seong Mina in the Calibur series, and these Lethal Hits are a large part of why that’s the case.

Final Showdown’s combo creativity extends beyond the 2D realm: check out the damage and wild possibilities he’s come up with for Kilik!

Thanks to everyone that submitted content to us! If you have some SCVI tech you’d like to share with the world, reach out to us through our tipline.

Source: Sleepy Justin; Julius DVClayton chapmanScallywag 93; FightersLegend


If You Missed Those 41 Pre-BlizzCon Videos, We’ve Got You Covered

Over the course of the past couple of months, Blizzard has pushed out a video that somehow ties into BlizzCon almost every single work day. In fact, they’ve published forty-one of them covering a huge array of topics across all of the company’s games. In case you missed any or all of them, the team has you covered. If you have a Virtual Ticket, you can head over to the Blizzcon site to check out the ones that are most interesting. If you don’t have a VT, there are still some neat videos to see!

You can now view frame data with this overlay for SoulCalibur VI on PC

As good as they are, one of the quirks of Bandai Namco’s fighting games is their lack of in-game frame data. This of course, also applies to their latest release, SoulCalibur VI.

Now, for competitive players on PC, there’s a solution to your frame data needs. Scuffle over on the r/SoulCalibur subreddit has made an overlay that adds frame data overtop the game on the PC.

The program, which you can check out over on GitHub, is based on the code for Tekken Bot Prime for Tekken 7. Take note that it only works with the game in windowed or borderless windowed mode, and not full screen.

Source: r/SoulCalibur via Avoiding the Puddle


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What does the Interpol agent need in Street Fighter V? VesperArcade offers their Season 4 wish list for Chun-Li

Can Chun-Li climb the tier list again?

In Street Fighter V, Chun-Li went from a top-tier terror in Season One, to a character Chun mains were eager to drop in Season Two after a round of harsh nerfs. In Season Three, after some buffs and new combo routes the Strongest Woman in the World got a bit closer to re-earning her nickname, but still didn’t make much of a splash on the competitive circuit this year.

With Season Four and inevitable changes for SFVAE looming, VesperArcade and Mir talk about what they want to see “fixed” for Chun-Li in the next big patch: such as improved anti-airing ability, and some tweaks to her throw and second V-Trigger.

Source: VesperArcade


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Learn to neutralize the 2A+G/2B+K Ivy mixup in SoulCalibur VI

One of the dirtiest and simplest knowledge checks an Ivy player can — and will — do to you in SoulCalibur VI is test your reactions at range with 2A+G. This low (and its longer range variant, 3A+G) is on the cusp of being seeable with practice. But it’s a difficult task, one that’s multiplied by a similar animation for her mid 2B+K.

But with practice and patience, you can still deal with this low in a multitude of ways, and work your way in to Ivy’s weaker close range. There’s a lot of ways to move around 2A+G, some more effective than others — today’s video shows off some of those, and what you can practice to help spot 2A+G’s startup animation.


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