Heroes of the Storm Game Director Alan Dabiri Moves to ‘A New Adventure Within the Company’

Heroes of the Storm Game Director Alan Dabiri has left his position on the team to “begin a new adventure elsewhere within the company”. He accepted the new position several months ago and began the transition to move to the new team. As yet, there is no mention of who will be taking over as Game Director. Dabiri has been with Blizzard for 20 years and has served in a number of capacities across the breadth of the company’s portfolio.

Mal’Ganis is Coming to Heroes of the Storm

The Heroes of the Storm team has been teasing out images of the next hero coming to the Nexus. Today, the picture came together with an iconic quote from Warcraft. The image came with one of the demon’s “signature quotes” said to Arthas Menethil at Stratholme, “I have been waiting for you. Are you ready to fulfill your purpose?”

New Heroes of the Storm Comic + ‘Universe Builders – Crafting Comics’ Documentary

The newest Heroes of the Storm event is now live in game. Called “The Fall of King’s Crest”, players from now through October 15th to take part. A new comic has been released that provides the lore behind the event and the Heroes that have been chosen to “star” in it. In addition, and as part of an ongoing series of videos for the BlizzCon 2018 Virtual Ticket, a new documentary has been released to shine the spotlight on those who create comics for Blizzard.

Heroes of the Storm Getting an Awesome Looking Fall of King’s Crest Event

We already knew that the Heroes of the Storm team was working to revamp the Garden of Terror map, the “home” of the Nexus character “Lady of Thorns”. The team has now announced a new event called Fall of King’s Crest that features the Lady of Thorns as she fights off the Raven Lord and his “sinister generals”, characters that will have specially themed skins included in the event as well.