Gamigo Reassures Rift Players that Development Will Continue

The Rift site has been updated with a brief note from the new Gamigo development team to reassure the community that the game will continue to see new development. While the team is currently much smaller than before, the plan is to “move forward with development” with the future hope to expand the team in the future.

New Rift Team Assures Players That There is Work Being Done

The Rift forum has been updated with a brief letter from the new Gamigo Rift development team. Without many details, the community is reassured that there is “work being done behind the scenes to build a strong foundation for the future”. The team is also looking for “specific feedback on the kinds of quality of life changes” players would like to see.

Rift: Prime Players Ready to Take on the Storm Legion

The Storm Legion has launched in Rift: Prime and players can take on the forces of the Storm Queen as she “wreaks havoc across Telara”. Players will find new raids and dungeons and the level cap has increased to 60. The Empyrean colossus Volan is also out and about, so there is lots to do for Ascended.

Rift Prime to Get Zapped by the Storm Legion on October 3rd

Rift Prime progression server will be getting a big update when the Storm Legion expansion launches on October 3rd. Subscribers will be able to explore new continents and dungeons as they uncover the lore and story behind the Legion’s arrival. To culminate the new experience, players will ultimately face off “against the mighty colossus Volan”.

Rift – Players Being Offered Weeklong Prime Trial

From now through June 7th, Trion Worlds is offering a 7-day free trial on the Rift Prime progression server. It is unclear who can claim the offer, though it is probable that it is on offer to those who are or have been Patron members in the past. Players can download and try the game for a week’s worth of time without any restrictions on the account.

Rift – Vigil Update Reduces XP Required Per Level from 30-49

From levels 30 to 49, Rift: Prime Vigil players will not have to gain as much experience in order to level up. The reductions are smaller on the lower end of the span, with a higher XP reduction closer to 49. In addition, developers feel that soul changes deployed last week have met with success and that more callings and souls are being played throughout the game.

Rift – Trion to Add Prime: Omega PTS as Early as Today

If you’re a Rift Prime player who’s dying to try new things out before they hit the live Prime server, you’ll be pleased to hear that Trion is adding a public test server in the near future. According to the post on the Rift site, the plan is to release the Prime: Omega sometime today. The team will update “forums and socials when it spins up”.