Kitasenju Becomes First Dee Jay to Reach Master Rank on Ultra Street Fighter IV Arcade Leaderboards


Starting in the Super update and moving into future installments, Dee Jay has long been considered one of the worst characters in the Street Fighter IV series. A far cry from his Street Fighter II incarnation, low damage and limited options cause the kickboxer to stumble in a variety of situations, but that doesn’t stop die-hard fans from continuing to compete with him.

Case in point, KitasenjuDJ. Long thought to be the strongest Dee Jay player Japan has to offer, Kitasenju has made his name known through both arcade and online play, recently reaching a very significant milestone in the former.

After making an incredible eleven-rank jump earlier this month, Kitasenju announced his breaking of the 10,000 BP mark in arcades this morning. Other than giving him a nifty five-digit number to boast about, a special Master ranking signifier will be attached to his name for all to see.

Kitasenju’s achievement goes to show that no matter how your chosen character is perceived by the competitive community, you can still put in the training and make them work.

If you’re unfamiliar with Kitasenju and his Dee Jay, check out the replays below for a look at how he fared against Ebihara’s Ibuki in an exhibition late last year.

Source: KitasenjuDJ via hige_daimyo and NeoGAF, videos courtesy of Pi-chan