Team Reptile shares first footage of Lethal League Blaze’s online gameplay

Lethal League Blaze, the sequel to 2014’s surprise sports-fighter hybrid hit Lethal League, is just around the corner. If there was any concern about the style or speed of Lethal League carrying over to 3D, developers Team Reptile just laid those fears to rest in the simplest way possible: letting the game speak for itself in the hands of the community:

If you’ve followed Lethal League competitive play at all, you’ll recognize the player names of Saxxy and Nobody from various events. In addition to being an excellent demonstration of the PC version’s online play, this is also a first competitive look at new characters Nitro and Doombox — the later of which was the original Lethal League‘s end boss.

Lethal League Blaze will arrive on the Steam platform on October 24th, and on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch in Spring 2019.

Source: Team Reptile

Complete your collection of Devil May Cry and Ghosts N’ Goblins Crossover Costumes in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

You’ve got another shot to go demon hunting!

Big news for anyone still looking to acquire the Devil May Cry and Ghosts N’ Goblins Crossover Costumes in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. While the third piece of Mech Zangief’s robotic attire is still currently up for grabs, with the final Gem available next week, Capcom has announced that once his Challenges are finished, the next wave of Extra Battles will see the return of previously-available Costumes for players who may have missed them.

Much like they did with Ken, R. Mika, and Ibuki’s Monster Hunter Armors, Capcom will be allowing players a second chance to add Dante Ken, Nero Ed, Gloria Laura, Sir Arthur Ryu, and Astaroth M. Bison, to their respective fighter’s wardrobes. Not only are they are allowing players to gain any of the four Gems they may have originally missed, they are also being sold–presumably along with the Level 1 Theme from Super Ghouls N’ Ghosts Crossover BGM– in a bundle that will be available on both PSN and Steam this Friday, October 19th. Though no price point was divulged, the Monster Hunter Crossover Costume Bundle will set you back $9.99, so that could be a good indication of its cost. You can see the announcement Tweet from Capcom below.

Are you excited to get a second chance at some of these Extra Battle Costumes, or will you be saving your Fight Money and grabbing the Bundle? Let us know your plans in the Comments below.

Source: Street Fighter (Twitter)

The Soul Edge and SoulCalibur swords come to life in this “Man at Arms: Reforged” video

The Soul swords are said to manifest their shape based on the spirit and personality of their wielders, but at a cost… Thankfully, creating Soul Edge and SoulCalibur, the evil sword and its good counterpart, is just like bread and butter for the Man at Arms: Reforged blacksmiths. Having made Link’s Master Sword and many other blades known throughout pop culture, the team is commissioned by Bandai Namco to step onto the Stage of History.

Soul Edge is so large, it can’t even fit on the drawing board! Though its size is impressive, the sleek SoulCalibur, used by Xianghua, also provides a challenge. It’s made of two separate swords that need to be joined together. The end piece is also a decorative undertaking, as it’s a multi-faced statue. Soul Edge, on the other hand, needs to have an eye made, and the pieces meld together to hold a firm structure.

Kayane appears in the video, lending some game lore to the process, talking about the backstory of the blades. In the end, the power of these swords turns out pretty difficult to wield… for mere mortals, anyway.

SoulCalibur VI releases this week, on October 19th, on Steam, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Source: AWE me


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Undamned aims to make CPS2 board suicides a thing of the past with InfiniKey-CPS2

Keep your arcade classics alive with this amazing brain transplant!

As we have discussed before, one of the pitfalls of owning CPS2 arcade boards is the fact that these boards are prone to hardware failure, typically by losing their decryption keys when the battery on them dies. This requires a delicate surgery of replacing the batteries once a year at least. Further adding to the stress of maintenance is the fact that if you don’t change the battery quickly enough during the process, it can lead to the same catastrophic failure that occurs if the battery dies on its own.

Those days of having to do routine maintenance may be a thing of the past. Taking what was learned from reverse-engineering the encryption methods on the CPS2, arcade board and supergun enthusiast Undamned has created a circuit board designed to be installed on CPS2 boards to ensure that the board will continue to boot even if the battery dies. The board — which he has dubbed the InfiniKey-CPS2 — injects the necessary decryption keys into the CPS2 board when the board is powered up, allowing you continued usage of your favorite arcade classics, such as Super Street Fighter II Turbo.

While he has yet to announce a widespread release of the board, one would expect anyone with a CPS2 board will be incredibly eager to grab it when it is released!

Source: undamned


Shogatsu and Daigo Umehara join the list of invites to compete in Super Street Fighter II Turbo at the Tournament of Legends III

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South Korea’s Tekken hotspot, Green Arcade, announces closure

Sanwa Denshi, Arcade Shock, and Jasen’s Customs have teamed up to bring you “Dark Hai” OBSF-24 buttons

These days, players have a plethora of options to customize their stick’s 30 mm pushbuttons. However, there aren’t as many options for the secondary 24 mm buttons used for the Start and Select, or for Hit Box style controllers.

Now, Arcade Shock and Jasen’s Customs are working with Sanwa Denshi themselves for help address this issue somewhat by releasing a “Dark Hai” variant of the latter’s OBSF-24 push buttons. The “Dark Hai” colorway, for those who aren’t familiar with it, is a unique 2-tone one featuring black rims and dark gray plungers. Arcade stick enthusiasts may recognize it as the colorway of the OBSF-30 buttons used in the MadCatz Arcade FightStick Tournament Edition 2, as well as the last 2 buttons of the original “Round 1” and “Round 2” Arcade FightStick Tournament Edition.

For those interested in picking a set of these new “Dark Hai” OBSF-24 push buttons, they are currently available for pre-order over at Jasen’s Customs for $2.25 per piece. Shipping for these will start on October 25.

Source: Jasen’s Customs


“Hit-Box” modified Qanba Obsidian controllers and parts now available from Arcade Shock

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Learn the basics of SoulCalibur VI with MarkMan in this quick video

As you’ve most likely heard, SoulCalibur VI will finally be available for purchase on our devices later this week — on October 19th. If you’ve never played the series, but are curious or want to introduce a friend to the game, let them know about this introductory video from Bandai Namco.

MarkMan narrates the video, first going over the basics of movement. Note that in order to crouch or jump, you have to hold the Guard button, because normally, pressing up and down will make your character strafe in the appropriate direction; this is the famous 8-Way Run! For those who played the series before, the horizontal versus vertical attack system is familiar. The “rock-paper-scissors” nature of this system is reflected in a new battle mechanic, Reversal Edge. By pressing B+G, you enter a parrying stance, blocking any attacks except for Guard Breaks and Unblockables, then hit the opponent. On contact, the two fighters enter a clash cinematic where pressing A defeats K, B overcomes A, and K counters B. Additional movement options are available.

Sort of similar to SoulCalibur V, a power meter returns. This time, it can be used either for Soul Charge (a temporary, powered-up state), Critical Edge attacks (supers) or some character-specific attacks. Note that if your opponent is on the match point, you will always get a full bar of power, and the meter has a capacity for two actions.

Check out the video below to get ready for the release of SoulCalibur VI:

Source: Bandai Namco


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The Waylanders RPG Heads to KickStarter with Mike Laidlaw as Narrative Consultant

One of BioWare’s most beloved narrative developers was Mike Laidlaw who left the company last year to pursue new opportunities. One of those is as the narrative consultant for The Waylanders, a new “time-travelling fantasy RPG” that has just landed on KickStarter. The team is hoping to raise $150,000 over the coming month that will help it develop “an engaging narrative featuring impactful character development, unique companion romance options and a deeply technical combat system”.

Echo Fox releases FGC Division Manager Boeken as part of their restructuring

The cuts keep coming — but it’s not a player this time.

We have recently seen the dominant FGC team Echo Fox begin to slim down their FGC division recently, among other cuts that saw their Gears of War team also cut. Just when you thought it was safe, another hit is taken.

FGC division manager Boeken recently took to Twitter to announce he was no longer with the esports team, signalling further cuts from their FGC department — which has already seen Street Fighter player Punk, Tekken players JDCR and Saint, and NetherRealm players Theo and Scar all released from their contracts. Whether this signals that even further cuts will come remains to be seen — nor do we know who is now in charge of their FGC division at this time.

Source: Boeken (Twitter)


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Is Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite getting an update and rebranding to “Marvel vs. Capcom 4”? Maximilian offers his thoughts

Might Marvel be making a numbered comeback?

Thanks to some more words from everyone’s favorite source for fighting games leaks DasVergeben, rumors are circulating once again that a big Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite update is on the way from Capcom — while DasVergeben talked about this back in August (with the possibility that said update might be announced at Evo 2018; it wasn’t) the new spin on this rumor is based around Peter “ComboFiend” Rosas working with Marvel games, and advocating for this update from that position. The update will also supposedly be rebranded to Marvel vs. Capcom 4, dropping the Infinite moniker.

But: they are just rumors at this time, with no official confirmation. Maximilian has talked about the possibility of an “Ultimate”-style upgrade for MvC:I before; in the video below, he offers his current thoughts on the present rumors — including why Capcom might have held back on MvC:I a while.

Sources: resetera; Maximilian Dood


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Apparently Just Survive Will Live to See Another Day

Jace Hall has gone on record on Twitter to let the community know that Just Survive, the original version of H1Z1, will literally live to see another day. IN August, Daybreak announced that Just Survive would close in October. It seems, however, that the company has had a change of heart. “Today Just Survive just survived. It’s coming home. We are all one community and we will all do this together. This will take time and a lot of work, but we believe the full potential can be realized”.