General: Dark Souls 3 Should Have an Easy Mode

Dark Souls is a tough series and beating it, or even a single boss, is a mark of pride. In the lead-up to the launch of Dark Souls 3, our RPG columnist has spent his week considering just what people love about the game and why others find it just so impenetrable. Dark Souls is one of the last bastions of truly challenging gameplay and that shouldn’t change. But for some, an easy mode might be just the trick.

Grounded Crossups, Invisible Shotos, and Other Oddities Abound in Current Street Fighter V Build

As you’ve certainly noticed, we at Shoryuken enjoy rounding up footage of new characters and new games upon their release. These roundups often feature combos, setups, and various other tactics to help the community grow as a whole. However, in this most recent build of Street Fighter V, we’ve seen enough odd goings-on to warrant putting together the first roundup dedicated entirely to in-game oddities that will certainly result in some head scratching.

First, we have a video showcasing a strange move interaction. Alex’s standing roundhouse moves him forward a good bit before becoming active. It goes without saying that this sort of movement adds extra functionality to the move under specific circumstances, but all of those circumstances may not be intended. In the case of this video, from HeruButterfly, Vega performs a reversal timing EX Flying Barcelona on wakeup, in this case moving him forward slightly as well.

If timed correctly, Alex can perform a standing roundhouse on top of Vega as he does his wakeup and pass through the masked fighter, putting his roundhouse’s massive hitbox into a cross-up positioning and resulting in a crush counter. The timing isn’t terribly strict, but if mistimed it can result in either Alex losing outright or phasing harmlessly through the rising attack.

There’s a good chance this isn’t the only interaction of this kind for the standing roundhouse, but more testing is required.

Vryu123 found a couple of oddities in this build of the game as well. The first involves a shift in frame advantage following an EX projectile depending on which side of the stage the exchange takes place.

The same sort of situation arises directly following a blocked stand short from the Brazilian fighter as well. Any number of things could cause this interaction–likely a hitbox/hurtbox interaction–but as it stands, all we know is that these sorts of inconsistencies shouldn’t exist in a game designed for competition.

Your guess is as good as ours when it comes to figuring out how dragonballjoseph wound up in this sitaution. When taking Alex into easy Survival Mode to unlock a new color, they were met with a screen that was entirely black aside from the HUD. Looks like Survival Mode just got a lot more difficult.

We wrap things up with another video from dragonballjoseph, which offers a quick look at Ken’s newest color: active camouflage.

This is where we would suggest you send us your own buggy findings, but hopefully there aren’t enough to warrant a second roundup of this sort. We’ll have to see!

Sources: HeruButterfly, Vryu123, dragonballjoseph

Black Desert Online: Why BDO’s PvP Isn’t as Imbalanced as You Think

If there’s one piece of criticism I continually see popping up around Black Desert Online, it’s that the PVP is horribly imbalanced due to “power creep”. No matter how much you play, you’ll never catch up to the top 1% who have already invested significant chunks of time and energy into forging all the best gear and pushing beyond the soft level cap of 50. Now, reading that, this is usually followed up with “You should probably not even bother trying.” But here’s where I disagree.