Star Wars: The Old Republic – Onslaught Expansion Set to Launch in September

During last night’s Chicago Cantina presentation, Star Wars: The Old Republic devs announced “Onslaught”, a new expansion coming to the game. Darth Malgus is back and is in command of the Sith fleet as it prepares “a devastating attack on the Republic”. Players will be able to choose to try to stop him, or to help him. Click through for more details.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Teases The Dantooine Incursion

The Star Wars: The Old Republic team has posted a teaser for a new in-game event called The Dantooine Incursion. This new event will join other recurring events “such as Rakghoul Resurgence and Relics of the Gree”. The action takes place on the distant planet of Dantooine where the Republic is looking to gain a foothold due to its proximity to Sith Empire space.

Star Wars: The Old Republic to Get Some ‘Under the Hood’ Technical Tuning

Star Wars: The Old Republic is going to be getting some “under the hood” tuning that will bring some big changes to the game. Dynamic Placeable Objects will be overhauled as the team looks to the future for new content. The unnecessarily complicated web of DYNs makes it necessary to change up the system a bit. They will be refined, polished and optimized to make creating DYN packages much quicker yielding faster development of new content.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Guilds Will Have Even More Tools to Enjoy

When Jedi Under Siege launched for Star Wars: The Old Republic, it came with some pretty sweet new things for guilds to participate in. Players in guilds have been “flourishing” through leveling and PvP challenges and with new management tools for leaders. The Heralds of Victory update (v5.10.2) will contain a new system called Guild Heraldry that is “another tool for guilds to rally behind”. Guilds will be able to create a custom emblem that will represent them throughout the entire game.

Star Wars: The Old Republic on Familiar Faces in Jedi Under Siege

The STar Wars: The Old Republic site has a new mini-interview with Creative Director Charles Boyd where he speaks about the inclusion of some pretty familiar faces in Jedi Under Siege which launched in December. He speaks about the such well-known characters as Darth Malgus, Master Gnost-Dural. He also speaks about new characters, what the team was most excited for players to find in the update and how Ossus is something different from all the other planets.

Happy 7th Birthday to Star Wars: The Old Republic – It’s Time to Celebrate

BioWare is ready to break out the fireworks in honor of the seventh anniversary of Star Wars: The Old Republic. From now through January 15the, players can head into the game to claim celebratory rewards, some of them brand new for 2018. Players will receive the Commemorative Statue: Return of Malgus, Weapon Display: Satele Shan, Weapon Display: Darth Malgus and some fireworks! Players can also claim a Dromund Kaas or Coruscant Stronghold for only seven credits!

Star Wars: The Old Republic Players Can Log In for ‘Jedi Under Siege’

After today’s server downtime, Star Wars: The Old Republic is back up with the new “Jedi Under Siege” content expansion. Players at level 70 will find the new Ossus storyline taking place on the Jedi home planet featuring both an Imperial and Republic quests. IN addition, there is a new a brand new daily area to explore. The unique twist in Jedi Under Siege is that players can choose which faction to support, even the opposing one.

Star Wars: The Old Republic to Launch Jedi Under Siege in December

The Star Wars: The Old Republic site has been updated to let the community know that the next major content update is launching in December. Jedi Under Siege takes place on “the ancient Jedi world of Ossus” where the Sith have invaded. Players will be able to support either side of the struggle irrespective of their current player faction. “Will you support your own faction, or secretly sabotage their efforts in order to support your former enemies?”