Neverwinter Devs Reveal the Design of the Mad Mage from Undermountain

Halaster Blackcloak, the Mad Mage, is the architect of the magic-infused Undermountain lair. Every room and hallway has been imbued with his magic and those traveling its subterranean hallways will occasionally run into him as he roams in his domain. In a new dev blog, Lead Character Artist Jonathan Nascone writes about how Blackcloak’s attire and animations were designed to give him the lonely hermit appearance that will be seen when Undermountain launches.

Neverwinter’s Latest Undermountain Blog Goes Into Expeditions Environments

The latest Neverwinter blog devoted to the upcoming Undermountain content expansion has been published, this time penned by Environment Artist Patrick Poage. In it, Poage talks about creating the perfect environments for Expeditions and the goals the team had setting out into Undermountain. “We want it to feel like you’re traveling far and wide across Undermountain and we want to give it as much variety as we can”.

New Neverwinter: Undermountain Armor Rewards to Focus on Roles Over Classes

The latest Neverwinter: Undermountain developer diary is now live for your perusal, this time focused on the rewards players will receive from quests, bosses and more. The reward system is changing drastically along with many other systems in Undermountain. For instance, armor will be altered both in stats and in being more “focused on roles instead of classes” all while “adhering to the traditional Dungeons & Dragons armor types”.