Latest Neverwinter Blog Details the Upcoming Playable Gith Race

When Neverwinter: Uprising launches later this month, it will come with a new playable race: The Gith. Originally enslaved by the mind flayers, Gith eventually broke free and became independent, though rival bands emerged that rarely work cooperatively. The Gith will be available to VIP members for 2 weeks after the launch of Uprising and then free to everyone for 2 weeks after that. Once the first month is over, those who missed the login opportunity will have to purchase a pack.

Neverwinter: Uprising Includes a New Playable Race When it Launches Next Month

On August 13th, Neverwinter PC players will have the chance to take part in an “ancient war between the gith and the illithid when Uprising launches. Players will be sent on missions to the stronghold of the gith located on an asteroid. Uprising will include the gith as a playable race, will feature a new PvP map, an overhaul of the fashion system, “recrafted early game zones and stories” and much more.

Neverwinter: Undermountain Launches for Xbox One & PlayStation 4

Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios have announced that the Undermountain expansion has launched for Neverwinter’s console community. Players will find the expansive new Undermountain story campaign, new Expeditions, a new level cap of 80, a brand new end game dungeon, overhauls to Class Powers & Feats, a retooled Boons system, richer loot drops and much more.

Annual Neverwinter Protector’s Jubilee to Kick Off on June 20th

The annual Neverwinter celebration, Protector’s Jubilee, will be kicking off for 2019 on June 20th. The weeklong event celebrates the city “not being razed to the ground by rampaging orcs, torched by marauding dragons, or devoured by hungry demons”. Players will be able to take part in a number of events and can earn some sweet loot including the Throne of the Vampire Lord.

Neverwinter Devs Reveal the Design of the Mad Mage from Undermountain

Halaster Blackcloak, the Mad Mage, is the architect of the magic-infused Undermountain lair. Every room and hallway has been imbued with his magic and those traveling its subterranean hallways will occasionally run into him as he roams in his domain. In a new dev blog, Lead Character Artist Jonathan Nascone writes about how Blackcloak’s attire and animations were designed to give him the lonely hermit appearance that will be seen when Undermountain launches.