Undermountain is the Largest Expansion Ever for Neverwinter

Cryptic Studios and Perfect World Entertainment have announced that Undermountain is the next expansion coming to Neverwinter. The “largest expansion ever” will be arriving for PC players this Spring and at a later date for consoles. Players will be heading off to an massive dungeon beneath Waterdeep and content will include a level cap increase, five new Adventure Zones, the Yawning Portal Tavern social hub, a new endgame dungeon, and much more.

Console Neverwinter Players Can Check Out the Heart of Fire on January 15th

Neverwinter players on both XBox One and PlayStation 4 will be able to check out the Heart of Fire content expansion starting January 15th. The story is penned by the founders of Penny Arcade and sends players off on “an exciting path through the ranks of the famous adventuring company (Acquisitions Incorporated), from eager intern to a grizzled, full-fledged team member”.

Siege of Neverwinter Event Begins on November 29th in Neverwinter

The Siege of Neverwinter event is incoming and is expected to kick off on November 29th and last through December 13th. During the event, players can take part in a number of activities including stemming the Cult Invasion, taking the fight to the cult in Counter Attack or head into battle against dragons themselves. Participation will net players specially themed Dragon Hoard Coins, Dragon Hoard Coffers and other items from the Tyranny of Dragons campaign.

Neverwinter: Heart of Fire Launches for PC with Penny Arcade Founder Storyline

Neverwinter for PC has been updated to bring the Heart of Fire content expansion online that is packed with Acquisitions Incorporated storyline penned by Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik, the founders of Penny Arcade. The new story “takes players from the new Acquisitions Incorporated headquarters in Protector’s Enclave and sends them across the Sword Coast in search of treasure”. It also features signature humor and the Manycoins Bank Heist Skirmish.

The Masquerade of Liars Returns to Neverwinter on October 23rd

From October 23rd through November 6th, Neverwinter players can take part in the fun and frivolity of the Masquerade of Liars event. During the event, players can take part in daily quests and curry favor with any one of three factions “each with their own agenda and rewards”. Of course, no event is complete without sweet loot and Neverwinter is no exception.

Non-Legendary End Chests in Neverwinter Will be Able to be Opened for Free

Cryptic’s Jared “NoWorries” Sears has posted a new blog post on the Neverwinter site to show off some nice changes coming with the Heart of Fire module. One of the most interesting is that non-legendary end chests will be able to be opened for free — meaning no key required! “Overall the key mechanic wasd frustrating, and needing to spend AD on keys for additional dungeon runs in a given day wasn’t a great experience,” Sears wrote.

Update: Cryptic Offers Insight Into Recent Neverwinter Ban Wave Over In-Game Exploit

We have updated our original article with a statement from Cryptic Studios about the exploit ban wave. Cryptic Studios acknowledged on September 12th that there was an exploit in the Neverwinter Barovia Hunts “that bypasses the intended gameplay” and that the company was working to patch the issue as soon as possible. The post further indicated that “any character found using the exploit will be subject to possible actions taken against player accounts as per Terms of Service”.