New Conan Exiles Testlive Patch Brings the Warmaker’s Sanctuary Dungeon

The latest patch has arrived on the Conan Exiles testlive server to allow players to check out some of the upcoming content. Most notably, The Warmaker’s Sanctuary dungeon is part of the update as well as a population revamp in faction capitals and caves. Players will also find new loot, an update to the temperature system, agility and survival attribute changes, weapon balance tweaks, bug fixes and QoL improvements.

Conan Exiles Latest DLC Pays Tribute to Schwarzenegger’s Movie Role

Funcom will be running a Steam Free Weekend for Conan Exiles that will also feature the launch of the next DLC for the game. The Riddle of Steel DLC will pay tribute to the 1982 movie debut of “Conan the Barbarian” starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. The Riddle of Steel update is $6.99 and includes “several unique statues and figurines of Arnold Schwarzenegger as Conan” as well as helmets that hearken back to the movie, commemorative warpaint and other decorative items.

Funcom Announces Conan Exiles Year 2 Season Pass & the Release of Treasures of Turan Pack

Funcom has announced that the Treasures of Turan DLC has been released for Conan Exiles. It contains themed items including 15 armor pieces, 39 building pieces, 5 warpaints, 9 weapons, 18 placeables and 2 new pet skins. In addition to the DLC, Funcom also announced that a new Year 2 Season Pass is now available for $29.99. The Year 2 Season Pass includes the Treasures of Turan DLC and will include three more DLC coming throughout the balance of 2019.

Conan Exiles Players Seemingly Diving Into the Briny Deep in the Future

The Conan Exiles forum has a new post with a mysterious underwater screenshot that seems to foreshadow upcoming content that will include deep dives into the briny deep. According to the post, the new content will be heading to TestLive “sooner than you might expect”. It will include new mechanics and content that devs are hoping to get player feedback on prior to releasing it to live servers.

See What’s New in Conan Exiles During This Weekend’s Steam Free Play Event

From today through March 10th, anyone can try Conan Exiles for PC via Steam thanks to the arrival of a free play weekend. To celebrate, Funcom has released a 2019 trailer for Conan Exiles and is offering a sweet 50% Steam discount should gamers wish to purchase it. The game has gone through a bevy of updates and changes since first launching into early access in 2017.

Newest Conan Exiles Patch Deployed with Tons of Fixes, a New VOIP System & More

The Conan Exiles site has been updated with the news that the latest update has been deployed into the game. It brings a huge number of bug fixes, feature enhancements and quality of life improvements. In addition, a balance pass has been applied to the game’s NPCs and for the crafting system and a new VOIP system has been brought on board. Players will also find a new world boss, additions to the Purge System and much more.

With 30 Patches Under the Conan Exiles Belt, Devs Look Ahead to 2019

With 2018 rapidly coming to a close, the Conan Exiles team is taking a look back at the year that was before looking ahead to 2019. The latest community update takes a victory lap look at all of the content additions and improvements to the game throughout the year and proudly proclaims that “around 30 patches and hotfixes for the PC version of Conan Exiles” have been released since January.

Seekers of the Dawn DLC Pack Adds Far Eastern Flair to Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles players can now check out and purchase the Seekers of the Dawn DLC pack that brings a distinctly Far Eastern aesthetic into the game. The pack includes 39 new building pieces, 15 new armor pieces, 5 new pet skins, 12 new weapons and 5 new warpaints. The katana is one of the new weapons and one that is available to all players irrespective of whether or not the DLC package is owned.