Bungie Helps Guardian Con Streamers Raise $400k in Just Over 4 Hours

During the annual Guardian Con Charity Marathon Stream yesterday, Bungie devs stopped by and participated for over four hours. While their, viewers were asked to make a donation and rewarded for doing so with a Sign of Gambit 2018 emblem code, signed collector’s editions, and even a studio tour for a complete 3-player fireteam. The goal was to raise $150,000 but viewers blew the fundraising initiative out of the water and raised over $400,000 instead!

Destiny 2 Players will be Able to ‘Transmog’ Legendary Armors Starting with Shadowkeep

Bungie is overhauling the Eververse in Destiny 2 starting with the Shadowkeep expansion coming this fall. Essentially, players will be unlocking a “transmog” system that allows them to change the look of any Legendary sets in the game, a cosmetic option that is separate from the perks on gear. These “universal ornaments” can be applied to all Legendary sets coming this fall. “They override the look of your equipped gear while preserving the perks, mods, & stats of the original item.

Destiny 2 Population on the Rise with Over a Million Taking Part This Past Weekend

Pyro Gaming is reporting that Destiny 2’s player population is growing. Over the past weekend, over a million players were taking part in the game for the first time since the launch of the Forsaken expansion in fall 2018. Numbers had been sagging, at least according to Activision-Blizzard financial reports, and were cited as a reason for the split between Bungie and ATVI.

Bungie Details Destiny 2: New Light, the Upcoming F2P Conversion

In the latest Destiny 2 update posted to the Bungie site, devs provide a lot more information about the free-to-play conversion of the game taking place this September. When Destiny 2: New Light launches, players will receive all of the Year 1 content including the base game, Year 1 raids and both the Curse of Osiris and Warmind expansions. Year 2 content free roam activities, Strikes playlists, Crucible playlists, Gambit & Gambit Prime playlists and other “select annual pass content”.

Accidental Embargo Break Indicates That Destiny 2 is Going Free to Play

Ahead of today’s Bungie live stream event, it appears that an inadvertent “oops” moment at Engadget (& its WoW Insider URL) has revealed that a free-to-play announcement may be incoming for Destiny 2. The now-pulled article is titled “Destiny 2 is now free-to-play, including its year-one expansion”. In addition, the article’s first paragraph indicates that the expansion content would be landing on September 17th.

Destiny 2 Rumored to be Headed to Stadia with Cross Save Capability

Ahead of tomorrow’s big Stadia presentation where pricing and included games will be announced, a rumor has surfaced that Destiny 2 will be one of the games and that cross save between platforms will be included. What “cross save” is exactly remains unknown, though it does seem to indicate that it may be a way to put the platform issue behind players for good. The information was gleaned from the Season of Opulence update that deployed earlier this week.

Next Destiny 2 Expansion Rumored to be Taking Off for a Forgotten Moon

A new leak seems to indicate that Destiny 2 Guardians will be headed for the moon. The name of the expansion is “Shadowkeep” and it will send players to “a forgotten moon” to explore a “mysterious enemy citadel to become a slayer of nightmares”. The leak was discovered by dataminers after today’s Season of Opulence update was deployed, though Bungie will not officially be revealing more about Shadowkeep until a special live stream to be held on Thursday afternoon.

Latest Dev Update Invokes a “New Era for Bungie & Destiny 2′

Now that the breakup with Activision is complete, Bungie is looking ahead to “a new era” for Destiny 2. While there are literally no details about what that might mean, Bungie has promised to provide more details in the future. Right now, the focus is on Season of Opulence and the awarding of Raid belts, but plans are seemingly already in motion.